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How To Get A Virtual Fingerprint Sensor On All iDevices What makes iPhone 5S stand out from other Apple devices is the TouchID which is a fingerprint recognition feature exclusive to the range-topping iPhone. Obviously, the TouchID feature cannot be added to other Apple devices just like that but Read more [...]
SnapDifferent App Review Inviting you to frame your life to stand out on the crowd, SnapDifferent Photo Video Editor is the perfect photo & video editing and enhancement app for anyone eager to add some creative flare or personal touches onto their photo and video files. SnapDifferent Photo Video Read more [...]
The MiniDrive: Macbook Air Storage Hack The MiniDrive: this little MacBook storage Hack just got Bigger, Faster and Better! The MiniDrive. When some Boston techies ran out of storage space on their MacBook air in 2011 they modified an Micro SD adapter and made TheMiniDrive, which disappeared into Read more [...]
And A Panda Game Review Looking for a new game? And A Panda will fill that need. And A Panda is a very unique game in which you have to tap the screen and the more you tap the panda the better your score. But it isn't that simple, you usually have more than one panda flying in the air. It seems to Read more [...]
Cylinder An Alternative To Barrel Cydia Tweak One of my favorite jailbreak tweaks of all-time is Barrel, it’s one of the first jailbreak tweaks that I install after jailbreaking my iPhone. In case you’re not aware, Barrel was released back in 2010, and brought 3D-cube effect to the iPhone while Read more [...]
Text9 Everybody Texts So Should Your Business iPhone users will begin seeing something new when visiting mobile websites. Text9, a recently released Patent Pending sales and customer service platform for business, uses text messaging to empower businesses to engage, acquire, and retain more of Read more [...]
iPhone 6 Officially Leaks Australian Sonny Dickson is no stranger when it comes to leaking Apple products, as we’ve seen previously in his leaks of the gold iPhone 5s prior to its debut. This afternoon on Twitter Sonny teased his followers by asking if they wanted to see images of the ‘iPhone Read more [...]
BestReviewApp Make Money By Reviewing Apps Mobile apps are here and they are here to stay. Simple as that. Mobile apps are fun to use and it allows us to use our smartphones in ways never thought of. is one of the best services for many reasons but mostly because it pays you to review Read more [...]
Geo World Deluxe App Review The iPhone is a very powerful tool in many ways, but it can also be a must have educational tool as well. Geo World Deluxe is an educational app that is very powerful. You can learn about the world's countries,capitals, and many more features so you can know everything Read more [...]
BioProtect Use Your Fingerprint To Access Apps BioProtect is a unique cydia tweak of its kind and one we have not seen before. BioProtect  is made by a highly talented developer that goes by the name of Elias Limneos. BioProtect allows you to add another layer of protection and set certain apps Read more [...]
Honda Civic Integrates iPhone Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic company, known for its high end devices. Many will recognize the company for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod products. However, the Cupertino based giant also works on technologies for the car, as we have mentioned in previous Read more [...]
Apple, China Mobile Form a Deal Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic company, known for its high end products. The Cupertino based company designs many products, one of them being the iPhone smartphone. First released in 2007, the iPhone has advanced to become one of the most sophisticated Read more [...]
Bluetooth 4.1 to Bring Many New Features Bluetooth Special Interest Group, also referred to as SIG, has publically said that they have updated their specifications, bringing Bluetooth to version 4.1. New features of the latest Bluetooth version including better items for both developers and users. Bringing Read more [...]
iBeacon Coming to Apple Stores iBeacon has been rumored in the past, and now trustable sources say that iBeacon will be coming to Apple Stores soon. Essentially, iBeacon is a way to receive information to your device when you are in an Apple Store. Read on to find out more. In Store notifications Read more [...]
Apple Selling Sharp 4K Displays You may have heard of the upcoming Apple Mac Pro. Designed by Cupertino based consumer electronic company Apple, the high end devices brings a number of performance enhancemens, as well as brand new features. One of those being the support for up to three 4K displays. Read more [...]
Special Edition Mac Pro Sells for $977,000 The upcoming Mac Pro is a high end device by Cupertino based consumer electronic company Apple. The device is the most expensive and most powerful Mac computer, and can be configured in 12 core variants. Recently, an auction for a special edition Mac Pro has Read more [...]
iPhone Controlled Thermostat Home automation has been available for a while now, but more recently, we have been seeing affordable home automation. One such example is Tado, an intelligent thermostat that is controlled via your iPhone. Read on to find out more. Tado is an intelligent iPhone controlled Read more [...]
Next Gen Payment Systems by Apple Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic company, known for its high end devices such as the MacBook, iPhone and iPad. Looking to revolutionize the face of payment as we know it today, Apple is seeking new people for its next gen payment systems. Read on to find Read more [...]
GTA: SA Coming to iOS Rockstar’s GTA or Grand Theft Auto is a popular series of open world games. Available on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, GTA III and GTA Vice City have been ported to the iOS platform by Rockstar. And now, Rockstar has said they will be porting the very popular GTA: SA to Read more [...]
iOS in the Car Unveiling Next Week Siri is a virtual voice assistant, that can be seen on the iPhone 4S and up, as well as select iPad models. Apple, the company behind Siri and the iPhone/iPad, is looking to expand the placement of Siri to things such as cars. Read on to find out more. A Honda car Read more [...]
500,000 iPhones are Produced A Day The iPhone 5S is a high end smartphone running the iOS operating system. Designed by Apple, the device holds the same shape and form as the iPhone 5, but has new features such as dual flash LED’s, improved hardware, a lighter weight, and of course, Touch ID. To make Read more [...]
Tweetbot 3.2 Brings A New Theme Twitter is a social networking platform that allows users to send and read “tweets”, which are messages of 140 characters or less. First released in 2006, the site has grown to generate a revenue of over  $317 million in 2012. The 200 million users of Twitter can Read more [...]
Touch ID Compatible Lifeproof Cases The iPhone 5S is a high end smartphone running the iOS operating system. Designed by Apple, the device holds the same shape and form as the iPhone 5, but has new features such as dual flash LED’s, improved hardware, a lighter weight, and of course, Touch ID. Lifeproof Read more [...]
Apple Stores to Have Special Window Displays Apple Stores, also called Apple Retail Stores, are retail stores by Apple that house consumer electronic related products. The stores sell Mac computers, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Apple TV and Apple software. They also sell third party accessories such as iPhone Read more [...]
Apple iOS 7.1 Beta iOS 7 has a brought a totally new design to iDevices, and the most recent beta, iOS 7.1, brings some new features and improvements. Read on to find out more. iOS 7.1 beta is now available for registered developers. Image from With iOS 7, many users reported bugs and Read more [...]
Apple II DOS Source Code Released Apple has granted permission for the Computer History Museum and the Digibarn Computer Museum to publish the source code for DOS that was used in the 1978 Apple II computer. Read on to find out more. An image for a contract concerning the Apple II DOS. When the Read more [...]
Analyst Predicts A7-based Apple TV In previous blog posts, we covered rumors of a possible television set from Cupertino based company Apple. We also mentioned how the Apple television set project has been going slowly as wearable tech is Apple’s priority. However, this does not mean the Apple TV Read more [...]
Dogfight/Jony Ive Biography Up For Sale Apple is a Cupertino based billion dollar company, with thousands of employees and many location across the world. WIth high end products such as the iPhone and iPad, Apple has become a world recognized name. Some will say that figures such as Jony Ive have also Read more [...]
Google Play Music comes to iOS Back in May when Google I/O took place, Google Play Music with All Access Radio was announced. It was originally said that an iOS port for the application would come in a few weeks, and after much waiting, we finally have it. Read on to find out more. Google Play Music Read more [...]
Apple Expands Manufacturing Capabilities In October of this year, Cupertino based billion dollar company Apple filed its 2013 10-K annual report, in which is revealed that the company wants to spend $10.5 billion in supply chain growth. Read on to find out more.   Foxconn is a manufacturer Read more [...]
CyanogenMod Installer comes to the Play Store CyanogenMod is an open source replacement operating system for Android devices. Based on Android itself, CyanogenMod (CM) is intended to be minimalistic and fast. In many instances, CM also lowers resource usage of your device, and gives it an extended battery Read more [...]
AT&T Gets 10 More LTE Locations On November 13, AT&T, a large US mobile carrier, announced 10 new LTE locations. Read on to find out more.   Recently, AT&T has expanded its LTE coverage to 10 new markets.   AT&T is an American mobile service provider. In 2012, it had Read more [...]
Updated iWatch Rumors Cupertino based company Apple makes many consumer electronic devices, and it hopes to enter the wearable tech market with a smartwatch, currently being called the iWatch. In previous blog posts, we covered patents concerning the upcoming device, an in this blog post we will cover Read more [...]
Select Retina iPad Mini’s showing Issues Instapaper creator Marco Arment, creator of the grid test for Retina MacBook Pros, has said that some iPad Minis with Retina Display are showing image retention issues. A grid test being done on a iPad Mini with Retina Display to detect image retention issues. First Read more [...]
Screen Sharing for Apple Support Website Apple Inc is a multinational consumer electronic company headquartered in Cupertino, California. Known for making the Mac line of computers as well as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, the company was first founded 37 years ago in 1976. With a revenue of over $170 billion Read more [...]
Apple to Make Chips in New York Apple Inc is a multinational consumer electronic company headquartered in Cupertino, California. Known for making the Mac line of computers as well as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, the company was first founded 37 years ago in 1976. With a revenue of over $170 billion in Read more [...]
Apple’s Doing Well in Japan Apple Inc is a multinational consumer electronic company headquartered in Cupertino, California. Known for making the Mac line of computers as well as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, the company was first founded 37 years ago in 1976. With a revenue of over $170 billion in 2013, Read more [...]
Apple’s Spaceship Headquarters Apple Inc is a multinational consumer electronic company headquartered in Cupertino, California. Known for making the Mac line of computers as well as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, the company was first founded 37 years ago in 1976. With a revenue of over $170 billion in Read more [...]
Apple Places Wearable Tech As Priority In the past, we have covered blog posts concerning rumors of a television by Apple, as well as an iWatch. This blog post will cover a report that says the iWatch takes priority. Read on to find out more. The Apple TV set-top box can be seen above. Recently, Read more [...]
Larger, Curved iPhone in 2014 The iPhone 5S alongside the iPhone 5C have recently been released, but Cupertino based company Apple is already moving forward and down its product lines. We have seen concepts for curved displays in the past, but now Bloomberg, a trusted source, says that the company Read more [...]
Apple to Offer In-Store Screen Replacement Cupertino based consumer electronic company Apple is going to offer hardware repairs for iPhone 5S an iPhone 5C units in its retail stores, soon, says a source familiar with Apple. The source also says that the Apple Stores themselves will be able to replace Read more [...]
6 Core Mac Pro Shows Up in Benchmarks The upcoming, revised Mac Pro does not launch until December. However, every now and then, we get benchmarks of the device. Previously, we covered blog posts concerning benchmarks of the 12 core Mac Pro. This blog post will cover the benchmark results of the 6 core Read more [...]
Steve Jobs’ Home Becomes Historic Site Steve Jobs, born in 1955, is recognized as the co-founder of billion dollar consumer electronic company Apple. Known for revolutionizing the tech industry, Steve Jobs co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976. His childhood home, located in Los Altos, is now Read more [...]
Decline in Apple’s Market Share Recently, IDC has posted information regarding tablet share worldwide for the third quarter. As a whole, the research group says that the market is strong. This is largely due to the growth of Android tablets. However, Apple’s market share has declined. Read on to Read more [...]
Retina MacBook Pro 13 Keyboard Issues Apple is a billion dollar Cupertino based electronics company. Creator of the iDevices as well as the MacBook’s, Apple has revolutionized the computing industry. One of its devices, the MacBook Pro 13 with Retina display, has a slight issue. Read on to find out Read more [...]
Solar Charging Systems for Apple Devices Today, almost all our devices use electricity. We take it for granted, plugging in all our devices to the wall outlet. With a new patent, Apple hopes to change this. Read on to find out more. Patently Apple has published the above image regarding the solar Read more [...]
iPhone 5S Battery Problems The Apple iPhone 5S is faster, and Apple claims that the 64-bit run device can have a talk time of 10 hours. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case for some users who were sad to find out the battery life was an issue. Read on to find out more. An image of Apple Care, a warranty Read more [...]
200MB Data Per Month for Free If you have visited the Apple site, you may have noticed that when you try to purchase an iPad Air with data, you have the option to get 200MB of data for free from T-Mobile. What is this? Read on to find out more. T-Mobile is offering 200MB of data for free. Well, sort Read more [...]
MacBook Pro 15 and SSD Performance The new MacBook Pro 15 is thinner, and its also a lot faster, in terms of SSD speed. A recent benchmark test shows that the device can exceed the 775MB per second speeds that Apple claimed. Read on to find out more. French site Mac4Ever has published SSD speeds Read more [...]
Apple’s Solar Powered Manufacturing Facility Apple is working on a solar powered manufacturing facility that will be responsible for sapphire crystal manufacturing. Expected to be used beyond Touch ID and lens covers, the company might use sapphire crystal for their displays. This blog post will cover Read more [...]
The iPad Air Is Cheaper to manufacture Apple has shown off the new iPad, the iPad Air. Being faster, lighter and thinner, it is also cheaper. At least, cheaper to manufacture. Read on to find out more. The 16GB iPad Air will retail for $499. It is estimated by analysis information from research Read more [...]
New Keyboard Cases for iPad Air As with all launches of Apple Products, there are many accessories from third party vendors to follow. This article will show some of the current keyboard cases available for the iPad Air. Read on to find out more. The iPad Air has been recently announced, and many are Read more [...]
Flexible OLED Screen for iWatch Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the company is likely to introduce some new product categories in 2014. There is now reports that the long-rumored iWatch will have a flexible OLED screen. Read on to find out more. A mock of the iWatch. Image from Apple Read more [...]
Apple’s big Q4 earnings posted It was unexpected by analysts, who are now impressed by the numbers of Apple’s Q4 earnings. Read on to find out more.   Q4 reports show improvement in iPhone sales. Image from Although Apple’s profits did fall for the first, second Read more [...]
Low Supply of iPad Mini Retina Displays The new iPad Mini is awesome, but it is not going to be awesome if you can't buy one. Recent reports show that there is a display supply restraint for the fourth quarter. Read on to find out more. The new iPad mini with Retina display. Image from Apple’s Read more [...]
90% Performance Increase in iPad Air The iPad Air was announced recently, and aside from being much lighter, it is also much faster. Read on to find out more. Primate Labs is a performance analytic company which has recently posted benchmarks of the iPad Air. The founder of Primate Labs, John Poole, Read more [...]
iWork for iCloud Beta Available to All Users Apple first announced and showcased iWork for iCloud during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference that took place in June. After that, they sent invites to registered developers, and then gradually invited non-developer users. So what exactly is iWork Read more [...]
Apple to Bring 4th Ben Intel chips to iMac The iMac is a major product in Apple’s lineup of computers, and it may be getting an update or refresh fairly soon. Major third party retailers, including B&H, Amazon, and many others, have started offering discounts on many iMac configurations in the Read more [...]
DoJ says Apple wanted to "Retaliate Against Amazon" If you are unaware of what is going on regarding Apple and eBooks, here is a quick explanation. A while back, the US Department of Justice found Apple guilty, because they worked with publishers to bring fixed eBook pricing. This meant for much lower Read more [...]
iPhone 5C Release Delay in China If you don’t know, Apple isn’t doing too well in terms of sales in emerging markets. The iPhone 5C is designed to be a lower cost iPhone, aimed at emerging markets such as those in China and India. The iPhone 5C will be made out of a plastic material, and will not Read more [...]
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Resigns Microsoft’s current CEO, Steve Ballmer. Image from Microsoft stock has gone up 8% in the pre-market, after the news that current Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be stepping down from CEO within 12 months. Here is what Microsoft says: REDMOND, Read more [...]
Apple Acquires Embark to Improve Navigation Former Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Lessin has recently said that Apple acquired Embark, small Silicon Valley company that focuses on applications, designed for mass transit navigation. This is a hint that Apple is focusing and expanding its map services. Read more [...]
iPhone 5S Gold vs White vs Black A few blog posts back, we covered that the iPhone 5S, Apple’s upcoming iPhone, will in fact be available in a gold color option. In this blog post, we will cover some images that have been leaked, comparing the iPhone 5S in gold against other iPhone models. Read on Read more [...]
Apple Services Down... Yet Again! Apple services went down... Yet again! Image from Apple’s system status page has been showing that Apple services, including iMessage, and four iCloud services, including Photostream, Documents in the Cloud, Backup and iPhoto Journals, have been Read more [...]
Apple Creates Flexible Material The US Patent & Trademark Office has published an Apple patent application, which shows the idea of having a flexible material, that could potentially replace a traditional hinge, or create a seamless enclosure for devices. This would be particularly useful in the Read more [...]
Apple Talking with Media Companies for TV Service An interesting new report has appeared from Quartz, that offers details regarding Apple’s content negotiations. Most of the stuff is the usual, a revamped Apple TV, that will have HBO, Disney, MTV and other channels. What isn’t the usual is the claim Read more [...]
Microsoft giving away Surface RT tablets Microsoft is already offering its Surface RT tablet device to educational institutions for just $199, but now the software giant is giving classrooms the opportunity to earn free units by using Bing. The firm announced on Wednesday a new Bing for Schools Read more [...]
7 “Steve Jobs Schools” Open Steve Jobs was the man behind many iDevices, including the iPod, iPhone and iPad. After his death in 2011, his innovation continues on. This can be seen in the recent opening of 7 “Steve JobsSchool.” Read on to find out more. Unlike a regular school, a Steve Jobs Read more [...]
iPhone 5C Scratch Test Video The iPhone 5C is an upcoming iPhone, designed to be lower in cost than the normal iPhone, or the iPhone 5S. Made for emerging markets, the iPhone 5C has a plastic back shell. When hearing about this, many were sad, because they assumed that plastic would mean easily damageable. Read more [...]
Apple Granted Patent for Noise Cancellation and More Apple has been granted a patent today for their invention relating to activation and deactivation of an active noise cancellation (ANC) process or circuit in a portable audio device such as a mobile phone. Apple states that mobile phones enable their Read more [...]
New iPhone Release Date Rumors Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic giant, known for its high end products. One of those products is the iPhone, a smartphone that runs the iOS mobile operating system. This year, the Cupertino company will be releasing the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. They have Read more [...]
3D Gesture Control Patent from Apple There has been lot of talk about Apple and its ability to innovate, but a recent patent that Apple has filed for and has been granted could mean a big change in tablet computing. Read on to find out more. The September media event in which it is rumored that the Read more [...]
iPhone 5C Could be Top Seller in China According to a recent survey, the upcoming iPhone 5C could potentially be the top selling handset in China. Read on to find out more. For those who don't know, the iPhone 5C is an upcoming lower cost iPhone. Aimed at emerging markets such as China, the iPhone Read more [...]
Google Maps Adds Real Time Incident Reporting Google announced yesterday via the Google Maps Blog that it will now have live incident reporting, thanks to the acquisition of Waze it made in June of this year. There were rumors in the past that Google would make incident reporting and live traffic details Read more [...]
Security Researcher Xredited by Apple On August 20, Apple updated its Apple Web Server notifications page, and they did something which was a surprise to many people. Read on to find out more. Security researcher Ibrahim Balic claims that he reported a Developer Center security issue, hours before Read more [...]
Brands signing up for iTunes Radio ads iTunes Radio is an upcoming music streaming service from billion dollar consumer electronic giant Apple. The Cupertino company hopes that iTunes Radio will compete with other streaming services available such as Pandora and Spotify. Apple has already begun partnering Read more [...]
Apple Tells Foxconn When to Ship iPhones Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronics giant, which makes many devices, including the high end iPhone smartphone. The handset was first announced in 2007, and has since grown to be much better and more powerful. This year, we are going to see the iPhone Read more [...]
20% of Android Users Switched to iPhone According to new reports, Apple’s iPhone not only brings loyalty from customers, but it also attracts customers from rival platforms faster than it loses them. Read on to find out more. Apple and Samsung, the two leading companies in terms of smartphone sales Read more [...]
iPhone 5C to Replace iPhone 5 A new iPhone prediction comes from by KGI Securities who thinks that there will be “substantial shipments growth” starting in August. The company also supports the rumors for a lower cost iPhone, being called the iPhone 5C. As well, Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable source when Read more [...]
Apple’s Gold iPhone is Confirmed There have been many reports, rumors and leaks regarding a new color option for the next iPhone. Most recently is a claim from a very reliable source, and we are pretty much certain at this point that a gold iPhone 5S will be real. As well, we have more information Read more [...]
Sales of the Apple Mac Computers Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic company, which makes a number of devices, including the Mac line up of computers. Mac computers are known to be high end, from the netbook MacBook Air, to the top of the line Mac Pro. Each Mac computer is designed for a specific Read more [...]
“Jobs” Film makes $6.7 Million in Opening Weekend Jobs is a 2013 American film and a biography regarding Steve Jobs, co-founder of Cupertino based billion dollar company Apple. Directed by Joshua Michael Stern, the film stars Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, and Josh Gad as his co-founder Steve Wozniak. Read more [...]
More of the Gold iPhone 5S, New Silver iPad 5 A few days ago, we covered a photo claiming to be the gold iPhone 5S. Now, there is more rumours regarding that color option, as well as rumors regarding a new color for the iPad line up. Read on to find out more. More rumors regarding the gold iPhone 5S Read more [...]
Parallels 9 for Mac Award winning virtualization software for Mac, Parallels, seems to be getting ready for an update. Read on to find out more. Parallels provides a software solution to virtualise the Windows operating system and other Intel based operating systems on Mac OS X. The app is developed Read more [...]
Mac Pro Teaser in Movie Theatres Apple, the Cupertino based billion dollar consumer electronic company, makes many different devices, including the Mac Pro. Designed for high end and professional work, the Mac Pro is the most powerful computer from Apple. The Cupertino company wants to spread the word Read more [...]
30 Countries With USB Charger Trade-in Program A few days ago, we covered a blog post on a Chinese woman who died because she was using her iPhone while it was charging. Although still unknown, the cause of death is said to be from using a counterfeit or third party USB charger. Following this event, Read more [...]
FuelBand Developer Now Working for Apple Jay Blahnik is a globally recognized fitness expert, who has made many Nike fitness products possible. Recently, he confirmed the rumors of him working for Apple. Read on to find out more. Jay Blahnik has helped made the Nike FuelBand, among other products, Read more [...]
200 Job Openings in China The iPhone 5C is designed to be a phone for emerging markets such as China. But Apple is not stopping there. With 200 job openings, mostly senior jobs, in China, it is clear that the Cupertino based company is focused on the Chinese market. Read on to find out more. An Apple Read more [...]
Apple Employee calls "Jobs" Film Fiction There has been a lot of talk and controversy regarding “Jobs,” a biopic about Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher. The film hit theatres nationwide on August 16, and Slashdot has just posted an interview between two former Apple employees, who have expressed Read more [...]
Gold iPhone 5S Photos You may have heard rumours about a gold color option for the upcoming iPhone 5S. Recently, some pictures have been leaked claiming to be the gold iPhone 5S. Read on to find out more. There have been reports for both multiple colors on the lower cost iPhone 5C, as well as a gold Read more [...]
Apple iMac Graphic Card Replacement Program If you own a mid-2011 iMac, you might have to go and replace your graphics card. Read on to find out more. According to a notice issued to Apple Support employees, iMac’s released in May of 2011 with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt ports Read more [...]
iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5 (Photo) The iPhone 5S will be a performance and hardware upgrade to the current iPhone 5. Do not expect design changes, but rather, changes to internal hardware specifications. Expect a faster processor, better GPU, better battery life and other changes. With the announce date Read more [...]
New iPhone 5C HD Video The iPhone 5C, for those who don’t know, is an upcoming iPhone from billion dollar company Apple. The iOS handset will be made out of plastic, rather than the regular iPhone’s aluminium. Essentially, the lower cost iPhone or iPhone 5C, is designed to be put out for consumers Read more [...]
Apple Stocks hit $500 Apple, the billion dollar consumer electronic company, once hit a share price of $705. That record was set last year. Right now, and thanks to an acquisition by a wealthy investor, the Apple stock sits just above $500. Read on to find out more. On August 13, American investor Read more [...]
Apple Acquires Apple, the billion dollar consumer electronic company based in Cupertino, has recently made a move that it hopes will enhance its Apple TV. Read on to find out more. The App Store contains over 900,000 apps, and just recently, reached the 50 billion app download point. One Read more [...]
iCloud Beta gets New Look iCloud has recently got a makeover, making it very similar to the design of the iOS 7 mobile operating system. The Cupertino company behind both iCloud and iOS, Apple, has made the new iCloud design publically available, as a beta. Read on to find out more. Among the many Read more [...]
Apple’s "Buy 1 Get 2 Free" Promo If you are an Apple fan, Apple device user/owner, or, you just want a place to get a lot of multimedia entertainment, then iTunes is the place for you. Both a media player and store for multimedia, iTunes is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. First released in Read more [...]
Fifth Generation iPad Release Date You already know that the next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, along with the lower cost iPhone, the iPhone 5C, are going to be released this fall. However, this doesn’t follow for the iPad lineup. New reports suggest that the next iPad, the iPad 5, along with the next iPad Read more [...]
More on iPhone 5C plus Volume Button Leaks By now, you probably know that the next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, will also be available in a lower cost version. Commonly called the iPhone 5C or lower cost iPhone, the smartphone is designed for sale in emerging markets. As said in earlier blog posts, the “C” Read more [...]
Apple App Store Number One in Revenue When you buy a iOS or Android device, you probably go to the devices application store and get an app or two. Or, maybe you have a collection of apps. Either way, you are either using the Apple App Store, or Google’s Play Store. Each has its own collection of Read more [...]
No Siri for iPhone 5C As you may already know, with the release of the new iPhone this fall, Cupertino based billion dollar consumer electronic giant Apple is also going to be releasing a lower cost version. Designed for consumers in emerging markets such as China, the lower cost iPhone will have lower Read more [...]
The Next iPhone, Plus Release Date Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone has been known to be a high end smartphone from billion dollar consumer electronic giant Apple. The fall is also known as the time in which Apple releases new products, or refreshes and improves its current ones. This year, that Read more [...]
Norwegian Government Does Not Allow Apple Maps iOS 6, Apple’s mobile operating system, got a big change in that Apple’s own map application was offered. In previous iOS versions, such as iOS 5, Google Maps came by default. To break ties as much as possible with rival company Google, Apple decided Read more [...]
Next iPhone to Have Fingerprint Reader If you have an iPhone, then you probably have a 4 digit passcode as your method of security. If you have no security at all, you better get something. And if you have something more than just 4 digits, than good for you. But, for those who want a fast and easy Read more [...]
Apple’s Upcoming iPhone May Be in Gold Apple iPhone’s are very popular in the United States and Europe market, and not so much in emerging markets such as China. Nonetheless, the iPhone has become world recognized for its high-end look, feel, design and experience. Made by Cupertino based billion Read more [...]
Sony's Lens Attachment for iPhone Leaked Mobile handsets, specifically smartphones, are great in that they do the function of many things. For example, the typical smartphone has, of course, phone capabilities, the time, calendar, email, internet browsing and many more. Most smartphones also have a Read more [...]
Dual Flash for iPhone 5S The iPhone 4, 4S and 5 all share something. That is the fact that they all have a single LED for Flash. Designed to make dim lighted areas appear better in photo, the LED on your iPhone can also be used as a flashlight, provided you get a flashlight app. Although a single LED Read more [...]
Apple Gives a Deal for Knock-off iPhone Chargers A few weeks ago, we covered a post on a Chinese Apple customer who died from charging her iPhone. Though her parents and others claim that she used an original charger, sources say she had a fake. After her death, Apple posted a page on their website, Read more [...]
iTunes Activation Servers Down When you buy a brand new iPhone, you are super excited to just rip open the box and get your iPhone up and running. But imagine not being able to do so, due to iTunes servers being done. It must really suck. Unfortunately, Apple is having some hiccups, as they, yet again, Read more [...]
iPhone Losing Market Share in China The iPhone is a high-end mobile handset by billion dollar giant Apple. The Cupertino company first released the device in 2007, and since, newer and better generations of the device have been released. Although it is a very popular device in North America, other parts Read more [...]
Vevo App for Apple TV The Apple TV is a $99 digital media box that connects to your television. It has the ability to play digital content from the iTunes Store, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, iCloud and others. The device was first released in 2007, and has since grown to more customers and better features. Read more [...]
AppleCare chat support to be available 24/7 AppleCare is device warranty and support that is offered by billion dollar consumer electronic company Apple. By default, any device from the Cupertino based company comes with limited AppleCare, and users may wish to purchase additional AppleCare if they Read more [...]
Microsoft's iPad Mini Competition Ad Anyone interested in the world of Apple knows about the iPad mini. It is a 7.9 inch tablet, running Apple’s iOS operating system. The iPad mini was introduced as a competitor to smaller tablet sizes, such as 7 inch or 8 inch tablets. With the next generation and Read more [...]
Apple board pressures Tim Cook Billion dollar tech giant Apple Inc. may be in trouble, and it seems that the Apple board is aware of this. According to Fox news, the Apple Board has been pressuring the Cupertino’s company CEO, Tim Cook, and his ability to innovate and come up with new products. Read Read more [...]
Thinner bezels for next iPad Any Apple fan boy will know that Fall is the time when the Cupertino company comes out with shiny new devices. We have seen many rumours about a cheaper iPhone, currently being referred to as the iPhone 5C, however, regarding the tablet world, there has not been too much Read more [...]
Obama meets Tim Cook If you are unaware of the recent NSA controversies, then here is a short summary. In around June, and continuing on to July, reports claimed that their is a top secret surveillance program called PRISM. According to leaked presentations and other sources, the reports claimed that Read more [...]
Apple building a game console? Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic giant, with high end devices for everyday use. One such device is the Apple TV, a media box that connects to your television and displays content. The Apple TV is based on a modified version of the iOS mobile operating system, Read more [...]
iWatch: Updated rumors and news In previous blog posts, we looked at the iWatch, some news and rumors. In this post, we will give you a more updated version of the rumors and news, and we will look at some reports concerning the iWatch. But before that, let us explain the iWatch. Read on to find out Read more [...]
iPhone causes electrocution death Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronics giant that makes many high-end products. One of those is the iPhone, a fast and elegant smartphone that runs Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. Millions among millions of people use the iPhone everyday, and none seem Read more [...]
Apple to go with Samsung chips   Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic giant who designs many high-end products, such as the Mac line of computers, the iPod line-up, the iPhone and the iPad/iPad mini. Some of these devices, more specifically the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, use a chip Read more [...]
Apple discovers 15th century ruins Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic company, which is known for its high-end products. To buy the iGadgets (iMac, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, etc.) you can go to the Apple online shop, or to a retail store. One such retail store is the ever so famous Apple Read more [...]
Information on wireless connectivity Back in the old days, to connect your computer (no smartphones at the time) to the internet, you would use a wired connection, known as LAN. Nowadays, there are many different types of wireless connectivity options, such as WiFi, 3G/4G and Bluetooth. This blog post Read more [...]
Apple to buy U.S. based chip manufacturer Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic giant that develops high-end devices such as the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. These devices use SoC’s, which are integrated circuits that stand for system on chip. These integrated circuits combine a lot of essential Read more [...]
Angry Birds Star Wars 2? Angry Birds is a very popular and successful mobile game for the Android and iOS platform. After proving to be successful, the developers, Rovio Entertainment, have made variants of the game, such as Angry Birds Star Wars. Angry birds Star Wars focuses on the known and popular Read more [...]
Russian carrier drops iPhone Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic giant with a number of high-end devices, including the iPhone. First launched in 2007, the iPhone has grown to be a high-end phone, with up-to-date hardware specifications and an elegant user interface. The iPhone runs the iOS Read more [...]
Windows Phone with 41MP camera Microsoft is a billion dollar software, and more recently, hardware, company, that is the developer of Windows Phone, a mobile operating system which can be seen on a number of Nokia devices. Other than the fact that Microsoft changed the position of some employees, it Read more [...]
Retina iPad Mini delayed When the iPad mini was first made available, many consumers were disappointed of the fact that Retina display was not found on the device. Instead, they found a LCD panel with a resolution of 1024 x 768. After the launch, rumors stated that the next generation iPad mini, coming Read more [...]
Apple to manufacture own chips Despite the rumors that billion dollar consumer electronic giant Apple is pending a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, or, more commonly referred to as TSMC, there is now new reports claiming that Apple is going to make its own SoC chips. Read Read more [...]
Google acknowledges Apple The chairman of Google who we saw posing with the upcoming Moto X phone has recently complimented Apple, and acknowledges the patent wars going on. Eric Schmidt was recently in Korea when this all happened. However, in an interview, he stated how Google is leading the market, Read more [...]
Best Buy giving $200 for old iPad Best Buy is a consumer electronic retail store, that has branches in across the world. It had a revenue of around $49 billion in 2012. The company has around 165,000 employees as of 2013. Select retail stores, will give you at least $200 for your old iPad 2 or iPad Read more [...]
Apple and Amazon: The App Store   Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronics giant, and anyone who owns or has used an Apple product knows the popular App Store, the application distribution method on the iOS platform. Amazon also has an app store, called the Amazon Appstore. It is a application Read more [...]
T-Mobile "Jump" upgrade T-Mobile is a United States mobile phone carrier, and one of the top ones of the country. It has recently announced its Jump phone upgrade plan, with allows customers to trade in their old phone for a new phone. Read on to find out more. T-Mobile has recently announced their Read more [...]
Microsoft cut Surface RT prices Microsoft is a billion dollar company known for its Windows operating systems and Xbox gaming console. Its recent ipad competitor, the Surface, is a tablet computer that runs Windows RT, a variation of Windows 8 for ARM processors. Due to lack of product purchases, Microsoft Read more [...]
Sprint's new unlimited plans Sprint, the major mobile service provider in the United States, has recently unveiled its new “Unlimited Guarantee” plans. Customers are promised unlimited talk, text and data, for as long as you are a Sprint customer. The offer is available for existing and new customers. Read more [...]
Next iPhone to start production Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic giant based in California. However, to reduce costs of manufacturing, it has its devices, such as the iPhone, manufactured in other parts of the world. One major place in which iPhones are made is Foxconn, one of Apple’s Read more [...]
Apple and eBooks Apple is a multi billion dollar consumer electronic giant. It has a lineup of mobile devices, including the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. These devices run the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple, which contains the App Store. The App Store is home to over 900,000 apps. But Read more [...]
Microsoft's new ad against the iPad Microsoft is a billion dollar software company that has recently been developing tablet computers, with the Windows 8 operating system. In a new ad, Microsoft smashes the iPad, by showcasing some features and abilities that the iPad lacks. Read on to find out more. The Read more [...]
IGZO displays next year Right now, billion dollar consumer electronic giant Apple uses retina displays on products such as the MacBook and iPad. It is rumored that the Cupertino company will switch to Sharp’s IGZO displays, which feature better image quality, while consuming less power. If the switch Read more [...]
Slow-motion camera on the next iPhone? The next generation iPhone, rumored to be called the iPhone 5S, will supposedly be featured in a budget version and  standard version. With the release of the new iPhone this fall, Apple will also release iOS 7, the next big firmware revision for Apple’s mobile Read more [...]
New Dropbox API for iOS Dropbox is a popular file sharing service, that has native applications available on the iOS and Android platform. Recently, Dropbox has passed 175 million active users, and it has since announced new API’s for developers. Read on to find out more. Dropbox is a free file Read more [...]
AT&T "what's next" event AT&T is a popular mobile network service provider in the United States, and it has teased the public on its next event, the “what’s next in wireless” event. The announcement by AT&T that will be made at the event will take place on July 16. Although the teaser Read more [...]
Parallels 8 Bundle The Apple Mac is a line up of personal computers that run the Mac OS X operating system. To get other apps other than the ones available with Mac OS X, users can use the Mac App Store, or can get applications through 3rd party vendors. One popular application is Parallels, which lets Read more [...]
Nike's new iOS app Nike has developed a new app for the iPhone and iOS platform, which allows users to check the sustainability of certain materials. This is useful for designers who are considering using a new product or product type. Nike’s new app is called making, and informs user of materials Read more [...]
Pirate Bay co-founder makes a messaging app Pirate Bay has become a very popular bit torrent website. Users download torrents, and running the torrent file while download the users requested file, through peer-to-peer networking. The Pirate Bay, which has gotten into several issues regarding the law, Read more [...]
Verizon may owe Apple $14 billion Apple is a multi billion dollar consumer electronic giant. They develop and sell many high end products, including the iPhone. The iPhone, first released in 2007, has grown to be a very popular phone, especially among young adults. Priced at around $700 for an unlocked Read more [...]
New Google Maps App for Android, iOS The Google Maps application was released as an alternative to the Apple Maps application on the iOS platform, and quickly became a popular success. A recent update to the Google Maps application brings even more awesome features. Read on to find out more. The new Read more [...]
Tile for iPhone: The gadget and app Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic company, that produces a series of high end products, including the iPhone. Retailing at around $700, the price tag makes most users careful of their device. However, you can still manage to lose your iPhone. Luckily, Read more [...]
Apple printer promotion Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic company, who develops a variety of different products including tablets, smartphones and computers. As you see, printers are not on that list. HP is another consumer electronic company, which also provides a number of different devices, Read more [...]
iOS 7 beta has AirPlay for the car In an earlier blog post, we looked at Apple filing a patent for touchscreen vehicle systems. But the billion dollar consumer electronic giant seems to already have some things for the car, with features seen by developers in iOS 7 beta 3. Read on to find out more. A Read more [...]
iWork, iLife may become free Apple is a multi billion dollar consumer electronic company that develops software and hardware. It’s closed mobile operating system iOS (closed means only Apple devices can run the OS) runs on the iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. The iOS software includes the App Store, a Read more [...]
WWDC brought the amazingly long lasting battery life of the MacBook Air. However, we saw no upgrade to the MacBook Pro. It seems now with the latest leaks that it shouldn't be too long before Apple releases an upgraded MacBook Pro. Read on to find out more. Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic Read more [...]
Wireless charger for Apple Magic Mouse The Mobee Magic Charger is an amazing device It wirelessly charges your Apple Magic Mouse. One could say it is simply MAGIC. The device costs $39.90 from Mobee’s official website, Read on to find out more. The Mobee Magic Charger is a battery Read more [...]
Apple Files In-Car Patents Maybe you are out driving and you feel the urge to use your phone - your iPhone. But of course, that should not happen, and please do not use your iPhone when driving. But if Apple’s recent patent filing becomes a product, then use that instead. Read on to find out more. US Read more [...]
Koreans love the iPad A few days ago, we looked at how Koreans like the iPhone more than the Galaxy S4. This is surprising, seeing as Samsung’s homeland is Korea. Well now, it seems that South Koreans call the iPad number one. Read on to find out more. Both Apple and Samsung are billion dollar consumer Read more [...]
T-Mobile selling unlocked iPhones If you use a carrier, you are probably on a contract, such as a 2 year or 3 year one. You probably also pay a set amount every month for service. T-Mobile is now offering unlocked iPhones for a discounted price. Read on to find out more. An iPhone is a high end smartphone Read more [...]
Florida lawyer sues Apple Apple, the billion dollar consumer electronic company, is being sued in a class action suit by Scott Weiselberg. Read on to find out more. Scott is a Florida lawyer, who is accusing the billion dollar company of charging extra for HD content when an older device such as the Read more [...]
Apple cutting iPhone production Apple, the billion dollar consumer electronic company, has reportedly cut production of its high-end smartphone, the iPhone. Read on to find out more. For the second half of this year (2013), it has been reported that the business has cut the production of the iPhone. Read more [...]
iPad 5 and iPad mini Retina Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic company, who makes a line-up of different products, including the iPad. Recently, there has been rumors of the next iPad, and possibly an iPad mini with a Retina display. Read on to find out more. The Apple iPad was first available Read more [...]
Prss designing iPad publishing app You may have heard of Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger. These tools and websites make it easy for you to create your own website or blog. Prss is a Netherlands based company that wants to bring a similar feature to the iPad. Except, instead of a website or blog, you will Read more [...]
What smartphone sales fall mean for Apple Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic company. It has a lineup of devices including the popular Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Recently, profits from the smartphone market have started to decrease. So what does this mean for Apple? Read on to find out more. A Read more [...]
Apple hit “Peak Smartphone”? Apple and other companies, such as Samsung, might have hit “Peak Smartphone”. Essentially, it means that their smartphones are not being bought by consumers anymore, because everyone who is willing to buy an expensive phone already has one. This is why Apple and Read more [...]
iOS 7 Beta 3 Registered developers get the 3rd revision of Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system. iOS 7 brings plenty of under the hood fixes and enhancements. Read on to find out more. It is usual for Apple to release several beta firmwares before releasing the public one, and that is the case Read more [...]
App Store giving popular apps for free The Apple App Store is a application distributing service available for iOS. As of May 2013, it has over 50 billion app downloads, and as of June 2013, it has more than 900 000 different apps. Many of these apps are free, while others are going to cost you a dollar Read more [...]
Why you should jailbreak The iOS mobile operating system is designed for the Apple iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It provides many features and over 900 000 apps on the App Store. However, some things, such as a customized home screen, just can not be done on stock Apple firmware. This blog post will Read more [...]
Information on Jobs, the upcoming film Steve Jobs is widely known as the genius behind Apple. He co-founded the company in 1976 with Steve Wozniak. An upcoming film, titled Jobs, is based on the life of visionary Steve Jobs. Read on to find out more. Directed by Joshua Michael Stern, Jobs is a 2013 Read more [...]
How to: Downgrade iOS using SHSH blobs Let’s say that you had jailbroken your phone when on iOS 6.1.2. Now, without knowing, you upgraded to iOS 6.1.3. You have now lost your jailbreak, and are wishing to go back to iOS 6.1.2. This blog post will teach you how. Please Note: This will only work if Read more [...]
History and information on iOS iOS is a closed mobile operating system developed and released by Apple Inc. This means that only Apple devices are allowed to run the operating system. The operating system was first seen in 2007 with the release of the first iPhone. Since, it has been extended for use Read more [...]
How to: Save space in iOS So you go to download an app, and you get a message regarding the amount of space left on your device. Here is a few tips and tricks to save space in Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. 1) Delete unused Apps Apps are great, they are meant to enhance lives and simplify Read more [...]
How to: Save battery in iOS The iPhone 5 does a marvelous job in terms of battery, and it should last you a day or two on a full charge. But for those who do a bit of gaming or use the phone functionality a lot, the battery drains fairly quickly. Here are some ways of preserving battery life in iOS. 1) Read more [...]
Best Ipad Cases The high-end Apple iPad is a tablet priced at around $500, and with that much money to spend on a device, you best consider a case to go with it. There are thousands of cases to choose from, but this blog post will cover the best ones. Note: This list has been adapted from 1) Read more [...]
Best Iphone Cases The high-end Apple iPhone is a smartphone priced at around $700, and with that much money to spend on a device, you best consider a case to go with it. There are thousands of cases to choose from, but this blog post will cover the best ones. Note: This list has been adapted from 1) Read more [...]
What iOS 7/budget iPhone mean, financially With rumors of a budget iPhone in the works, it could mean Apple can regain some lost ground, financially. Read on to find out more. Apple, the billion dollar consumer electronics giant, lost CEO Steve Jobs in 2011. This is, what many think, as the reason Read more [...]
The new Vine app Vine is an application owned and operated by social-networking site Twitter. Vine allows users to upload video files, up to 6 seconds in length. These videos can be shared to Twitter or other sites. The Vine app was first made only for iOS, however an Android version has since been Read more [...]
iPad Square Stand for retail stores Jack Dorsey’s Square payments company has teamed up with Apple to sell the new Square Stand point-of-sale system through Apple’s large chain of retail stores, according to multiple sources. The Square Stand is an iPad accessory that works with the Square Register Read more [...]
iOS 7 voice dictation is Android-like Did you know that Apple’s voice dictation, every time used, uploads your inputted voice to the cloud, then uses software that converts the uploaded voice into text. This not only wastes a lot of data, but can be a security issue. Android, on the other hand, has Read more [...]
Apple to announce Q3 earnings Apple is said to be a hitting a rough patch financially, and we can be sure of that with the Q3 earnings. Apple’s investor relations page has been updated, showing that it will announce earnings of the third fiscal quarter (second calendar quarter) on Tuesday, July 23 Read more [...]
Apple's unexpected phone competitor Developing markets, such as those in China, are developing phones that feature decent specs. The difference between a Chinese phone and an Apple iPhone is simple - the price. One Chinese phone that has gained a lot of attention is the Goophone i5. It is essentially Read more [...]
Apple's USB/SD card combination slot Apple, the consumer electronic giant, makes a lot of devices for personal use. This includes the high end MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers. A while back in December of last year, Apple filed some patents to have a USB and SD card combination slot. It is likely Read more [...]
New iOS 7 icons patent Apple is a billion dollar consumer electronic giant based in California. It has a lineup of Mac computers, iPad tablets, iPhone smartphones and iPod audio players. iOS 7 is an upcoming mobile operating system by Apple that will run on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The operating Read more [...]
iOS 7 is just an upgraded Android? There has been a lot of hype regarding Apple’s new mobile operating system which is currently in beta stages and will be made publicly available in Fall of 2013. Apple is a consumer electronic giant with revenues of billions of dollars every year. The California Read more [...]
UPDATE: Budget iPhone The Apple iPhone is a very popular handset in North America, but due to the fact that there is a number of cheaper alternatives in places like Asia, the market share there isn't so good. Apple’s plan of making a budget iPhone will expand its market share not only in North America Read more [...]
Where Apple is going to get its profit from With the recent downfall of Apple stocks, it seems as if the billion dollar consumer electronic giant is trying to get back on track. Samsung, the Korean company whose rivals with Apple, seems to be hitting a rough patch too. Apple is already taking some steps Read more [...]
5 alternatives to the iPhone 5 The iPhone 5 has a price tag of $699 (Unlocked), which is considered by many to be overpriced. With the rumor of a budget iPhone coming this fall, many customers might be happy. But for now, here are some iPhone 5 alternatives that are cheaper than $699 but still deliver Read more [...]
Updated iWatch rumors and specs The iWatch is the name for the rumored Smartwatch by Apple. With Apple taking steps to patent the iWatch name and patent a shapeable and bendable battery, the Watch is becoming closer to reality. This blog post will cover the latest updates, rumors and specs of the iWatch Read more [...]
Apples flexible battery patent With rumors of an upcoming curved display iWatch, and possibly an iPhone with a curved AMOLED display, a curved battery is just what Apple needs to accompany it. And it seems as if its designing one with a newly filed patent. Picture of the field patent for a curved Read more [...]
Apple iWatch alternatives Apple is rumored to be making a Smartwatch, however a release date has not been set. Some people think Apple is late to the wearable technology industry. Whatever the case, here is a list of alternatives to the Apple iWatch. The listed items are all available for purchase. NOTE: Read more [...]
Tax questioning for Apple After a parliamentary vote, tax questioning for Apple and Google was put down. The two major companies have found ways to avoid large taxes, which then caused a motion to be introduced by Sinn Fein politician Pearse Dohetry. He asked for the technology companies to be questioned Read more [...]
Steve Wozniak and Kanye West... What? Apple was started in 1976 by co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The company is now a billion dollar business which serves consumers with electronics and gadgets. Recent news have shown that Steve Wozniak has been listening to Kanye West for some business Read more [...]
iPhone 5S and iOS 7 release dates, rumors Apple is the multi billion dollar consumer electronic giant who has revolutionized our lives with its products. The company is releasing its newest phone, the iPhone 5S this fall, along with its new mobile operating system, iOS 7. Some new rumors are flying Read more [...]
Original Apple I up for auction Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were the co-founders of what is now billion dollar consumer electronic giant, Apple. Their first computer was the Apple I, which at the time was priced at $666.66. It’s now up for auction, and is expected to be sold for above $500,000. The Read more [...]
Apple phishing website steals Info Apple is a multi billion dollar consumer electronic business, but a recent study by security researchers at Kaspersky Lab shows that there is an increase in Apple phishing websites and email, that not only infect your computer with malware and unwanted items, but they Read more [...]
Toshibas memory plant good news for Apple Flash memory is computer storage that is non-volatile, meaning it can retain stored information when there is no power. Flash memory, being electronic, can be electrically erased or rewritten to. There are two main types of flash memory, those being NAND and Read more [...]
iPhone 5 - Most hated handset? Do you have the new iPhone 5? Well, according to a study, you may just have the handset that majority of people hate. // // The iPhone 5, the touchscreen phone by Apple that runs the iOS operating system, was first made available for sale in September of 2012. Read more [...]
Apple files a patent for an already existent map feature Google’s has bought billion-dollar crowd-sourced mapping application, Waze. It was said to be an attempt to compete with Apple. However, Apple has recently filed a patent for a feature to be used in a future version of their Map application. Read more [...]
Apple makes a bad choice A rumor has quickly turned into news, with the confirmed fact that Apple is removing its last ties with Samsung and going to other companies. Apple, the billion dollar consumer electronic giant, makes a line-up of high-end devices including computers, tablets and phones. These Read more [...]
Samsung fights Apple with Boxee purchase Apple and Samsung are known as the the big rivals in the technology world. In many incidents, Apple has sued Samsung and vice versa. Without a doubt, these companies want to be the top of the top, and to do that, they have to compete with one another, no matter Read more [...]
Motorola making a new phone to compete with Apple Motorola was acquired a while back by Google for $12.5 billion, and it seems as though Motorola - or should we say Google - engineers are hard to work on a handset that will compete with both Apple and Samsung. According to reports, this new phone, Read more [...]
New speaker design for iDevices Apple Inc. is the consumer electronic company with billions of dollars in profit. It is known for its high-end devices, and for revolutionizing the way we use technology. Apple is also known for it’s high attention to detail and perfection, which could explain a new Read more [...]
No bootrom exploits on A5+ devices Among the jailbreak community, MuscleNerd, or on Twitter @MuscleNerd, is an active member that contributed to the development of jailbreaks and iOS hacks. Recently, however, he has brought some news forward that has made owners of newer iDevices disappointed. Read Read more [...]
Apple in our cars? According to WWDC, we might get the iOS system to be in our cars as soon as 2015. Although there is already a form of connecting our devices to our cars, the systems that cars provide is, well, horrible. Current cars have poor interior technology, and Apple might be able to save us Read more [...]
Apples new market strategy Apple’s stock has fallen quite a bit, from a high of $700 last year to under $400 today. Apple is looking to regain some lost ground, and to do so, it already has some tricks up its sleeves. Apple hopes that their new market strategy helps them to face competition with Google. Read more [...]
Apple Hired Yves Saint Laurent CEO... Why?   The billion dollar consumer electronic giant has recently made a move that has shocked lots of people.   Yves Saint Laurent is a very luxurious fashion house with an annual revenue of $1.2 billion dollars. It was founded by french male designer Read more [...]
Apple: 5 Years of the App Store   The App Store is a marketplace and a distributor of applications for the Apple iOS operating system. It was first released on July 10th of 2008, and has almost 1 000 000 different apps with about 50 billion app downloads worldwide.   Recently, a leak shows Read more [...]
Apple making a game device?   The Xbox, Playstation and Wii among the most popular game consoles. Each one has its own benefits, but one thing they have in common is the fact that they are all priced in the couple 100’s of dollars.   Kickstarter, a website that aims to help a company Read more [...]
Apple's new online storage and office solution   Those lucky enough to get a chance to experience Apple’s new solution for document editing and online storage sure have been impressed.   Apple, the multi-national billion dollar consumer electronic giant has recently gone from shiny gizmos Read more [...]
Apple isn't the worlds most respected company anymore Apple, the american consumer electronic company, is known for it’s shiny gadgets and cool devices. But recently, the billion dollar giant has fallen from its place at number 1. Barron’s annually releases a list called the World’s Most Respected Read more [...]
Is Siri stolen?   Siri, the personal assistant for a line of Apple’s devices running the iOS operating system, has gained a lot of attention since its debut in October of 2011.Now, a Chinese technology company is accusing Apple of stealing their work and releasing it as Siri.   Chinese Read more [...]
"Jobs" movie poster   Steve Jobs was the innovator and inventor who was CEO of Apple Inc. He is known for his work in revolutionizing the way we use technology today. On October 5th of 2011 he passed away at the age of 56 due to Metastatic Insulinoma. Steve Jobs ideas and innovations live on for Read more [...]
Koreans like Apple more than Samsung   Samsung is a consumer electronic company that’s homeland is Korea. You would expect that Koreans would prefer the Samsung over other devices, seeing as the company is Korean. But a recent survey of thousands of people shows that this isn't the case.   A Read more [...]
Boston University vs. Apple - Patent Suit   Everyone heads of Apple, the giant consumer electronic company headquartered in California. As of May 2013, it has over 406 retail stores in fourteen different countries, plus, it has the Apple Online Store where consumer items such as the Mac, iPod, Read more [...]
Apple files iWatch trademark   A few blog posts ago, we mentioned the iWatch and some rumors. Well now, its getting a step closer to reality. Apple has filed for the “iWatch” trademark in a number of different places.   Apple has filed for the “iWatch” trademark in Japan, Russia, Read more [...]
Wall Street Not Impressed by Beats Acquisition While Tim Cook and Eddy Cue are happy and excited for the Beats Acquisition, The Wall Street Journal shows that investors and analysts don’t share that enthusiasm. Image of a Wall Street sign. From the WSJ: “To see this kind of money spent for Read more [...]
iPhone 5S for $79 from RadioShack One of the best deals yet for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C comes from RadioShack. The electronics store is selling the iPhone 5S 16GB for just $79 on a new or upgraded two-year contract. Carriers to choose from include AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. You can also bring Read more [...]
iTunes Radio to Have Local Ads A new report from The Information says that Apple will soon have “locally targeted advertising” to its users through the iTunes Radio platform. This will come sometime this year. The report goes on to say that Apple is working with “broadcast radio stations” to Read more [...]
Luca Maestri: Apple’s New CFO and Senior VP In a recent SEC filing by Apple, Luca Maestri is now officially the new CFO and senior VP. His first day started on May 29th, yet an official profile has yet to go up on Apple’s website. Luca Maestri is pictured above. Maestri, who was previously a Read more [...]
WWDC 2014 Attendees Get a Jacket, $25 Gift Card WWDC or Worldwide Developers Conference is a conference held annually by Apple in California. Usually, Apple showcases its upcoming and/or new software and hardware technologies to developers. This year, attendees of the conference get a few special items, Read more [...]
Apple In-Store iPhone Upgrade Event Rumors previously spread that Apple was going to put out a big iPhone trade-in event in U.S. retail stores, and it seems that the rumors are true. Apple has started its push, encouraging older iPhone customers to upgrade to newer models. There is now increased trade-in Read more [...]
California Passes Bill Forcing Smartphone Kill Switch Bloomberg is reporting that the California Senate has passed a bill, that will essentially force smartphone manufacturers, such as Apple, to implement “technology that would let customers remotely wipe data from their devices and render them inoperable Read more [...]
APPL Stock Goes Over 600 Great news for Apple investors, Apple’s stock (APPL) has just crossed the $600 mark. This is the first time it has done so since November of 2012. Apple’s stock hits and crosses $600 per share. This raise in stock comes after Apple’s earning reports last month, and Read more [...]
New Features for Office for iPad Back in March, Microsoft released its Office apps for iPad. When they did, one of the most requested features that was missing was printer support. Microsoft addressed this concern via a blog post, saying that they will update the Word, Excel and PowerPoint iPad apps Read more [...]
Free Hulu This Summer Late April, Hulu had their Upfront event in New York, in which the company announced some very good news for those who don’t want cable anymore yet still want media entertainment. From this summer, even if you do not have Hulu Plus, you can watch full TV episodes using the Hulu Read more [...]

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